this is my favourite vine ever and I will never get tired of it


Look a little young to drive, there, kiddo.

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im shit

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hi everybody! my name is emily and im in a bit of a pinch right now. my parents both work at the same plant and it’s closing down very soon. they’re getting laid off september 19, at which point they have severance pay for several months.

i’m working part time right now earning minimum wage. im currently injured and unable to return to work until early september, at which point i start school and cant work more than 12 or so hours a week.

the situation isn’t urgent because of their severance pay and savings that we have in the bank, but we wont have any medical coverage and etc. if you’d be able to spare even a few cents, any help would be appreciated. there’s a donate button right on my blog!


Outfit Rundown.♡ Review post


im scremaing i showed dove the katamari pixels for them to pick one now he’s beinga rude fucking hater and showing me the most horrifying alien pics like “this is a real alien why would an alien look like a cow emily thats not cute this horrifying 10 storey tall beast with mouths on its feet and spikes and wrinkles is kinda cute. emily this is logic” torpedoshrimp fuck you 

fuck off emily puss hand u dont know shit about aliens u and ur dumbass katamaris

well im ready to lay down on the floor and cry my cintiq’s possibly broken and itll take forever to get a replacement 


Namibian dioptase